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GS1 standards for the Cash industry
This video explains the benefits of using GS1 Standards for the identification of cash and EDI transactions
GS1 Standards for Cash Handling
Summary on how to use GS1 standards in the cash cycle.
How to implement the Despatch advice and the Receiving advice for Non-Conventional Lodgement.
GS1 in Europe Information on How to Comply with the EU Regulation on Food Information to Consumers – V1.0
For GS1 Member Organisations interested in understanding how they can help their members get ready for the regulation
The VAT change in Sweden
Case study on the impact of EU regulation on the cross-border VAT based on the Swedish example.
EU Regulation on Food Information to Consumers – What you need to know – V1.0
Summary of required product data on the labels of pre-packed foods according to EU regulation 1169/2011
GLN in Healthcare Implementation Guide
The Global Location Number (GLN) is a globally unique GS1 Identification Key that is used to identify any physical location or legal entity in the supply chain that needs to be unambiguously identified. The Healthcare GLN Work Group announces the availability of the GLN In Healthcare Implementation Guide. This document serves as a general guide for the implementation of GLNs in healthcare.
GDSN Implementation Guidelines for EU Regulation 1169/2011 – V 2.6
The latest version of the GDSN Implementation Guidelines for EU Regulation 1169/2011, now with provenance of primary ingredients
GS1 Standards in Healthcare
This short video clip explains where global standards can help to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.
GS1 DataMatrix enhances Patient Safety
View how GS1 DataMatrix enhances Patient Safety in Hospitals. Ensuring traceability of surgical instruments and pharmaceuticals from production to final use.
Total Results: 31