New EU Data Governance Act

In an increasingly modern and digital world, data management is vital, it has huge potential – but it is also a vast territory that has to be managed with the utmost caution and efficiency. 

There have been numerous limitations to data sharing, from technical problems to the lack of trust in information sharing, but the European Union is working to correct that.  

So the EU Data Governance Act was released, setting out a series of new principles, rules and procedures aimed at creating sector-specific data spaces to enable the sharing of data within a specific sector. This piece of legislation contains new principles such as data altruism, includes initiatives to tackle restrictions to the free movement of data within the European Union and addresses emerging issues such as ownership, portability, interoperability, usability and access to data. 

For GS1 it’s important to note that this device will be connected to the Digital Product Passport data sharing. 

Read also the Data Governance Act Explained for further information on these measures and the GS1 in Europe vision for the circular economy data.