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Transport & Logistics

Transport and Logistics is at the heart of the GS1 ecosystem.  As a manufacturer, retailer or logistics service provider, you need to know exactly what the shipments contain, where they come from and where they are going to. GS1 provides standards to support all stages of the supply chain.

Identifying, capturing and sharing information about the movement of products – as well as the digitalisation of everyday business processes – not only enhances interoperability between stakeholders but also creates a highly efficient, sustainable and collaborative logistics environment.

GS1 in Europe is organised to support its Member Organisations on a global level to achieve fully accurate, real-time visibility across the entire supply chain, from source to consumer, regardless of the transportation mode.

Transport and Logistics is a global GS1 activity, led by GS1 in Europe in a centre of excellence, focusing on:

  • Location management for T&L;
  • Road/Multi-modal transport;
  • Paperless Transport.

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Last Mile Delivery

The Last Mile project focuses on the parcel delivery market, more precisely on delivery to the end consumer. This segment is changing, due to markets, but also because of changes in legislation and regulations. GS1 in Europe must stay involved.

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