Regional Executive Committee

GS1 in Europe’s tactical and operational body is called the Regional Executive Committee and it is composed of passionate and committed GS1 CEOs. The primary activities of the REC include the implementation of our annual operational plan, monitor progress and regularly report on key milestones to the GS1 in Europe Board.

The REC is also focused on communicating and implementing our vision and objectives to both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that the right resources are in place to achieve our goals.

Jan Somers

CEO of GS1 Belgium-Luxembourg and GS1 in Europe Chair

Elif Müftüoglu

CEO of GS1 Turkiye and GS1 in Europe Vice-Chair

Gregor Herzog

CEO of GS1 Austria and GS1 in Europe Vice-Chair

Anne Godfrey


Bruno Aceto

CEO of GS1 Italy

Didier Veloso

CEO of GS1 France

Elzbieta Halas

CEO of GS1 Poland

Jonatan Tullberg

CEO of GS1 Sweden

Mike Byrne

CEO of GS1 Ireland

Mirjam Karmiggelt

CEO of GS1 Netherlands

Pere Rosell

CEO of GS1 Spain

Thomas Fell

CEO of GS1 Germany