GS1 Print

Create a logistic label for you!

More and more companies require their trade partners to use GS1 standard logistics labels (with SSCC identifiers, GS1-128 symbology) to track the movement of logistics units in the supply chain. The GS1 Print solution provides an opportunity to easily and conveniently create logistics labels.

GS1 Print was designed for small and medium-sized businesses for user-friendly, error-free use. The solution is not intended to connect to internal company databases. With the help of GS1 Print, you can create logistic labels for labelling standard single-type, variable-output and multi-type logistic units. Two identical labels with the same SSCC are generated for each logistic unit, which you can save in PDF format. These PDF documents can be printed with a simple printer and all that remains is to affix the labels to the pallets or boxes of goods intended for transport/logistics. You can register and start creating logistics labels here – GS1 Print