GS1 Picture It!

GS1 Picture It! is a business-to-business application for brand owners to easily take pictures, remove the background and crop and edit pictures of their products.

GS1 Picture It! is connected with the GS1 Registry Platform through local Activate solutions.

Local GS1 Activate solutions are the applications that a brand owner can use to activate their GTINs and submit some mandatory information, such as brand name, product description, Global Product Classification (GPC) and target market. As pictures usually are not available yet during the product development, GS1 Picture It! supports with simply adding the picture later in the process.

How it works?

GS1 Picture It! is an easy to use app to add pictures to the GS1 Registries

How to implement it?

GS1 Picture It! a business-to-business app that is implemented by GS1 member organisations.