About Us

What we do

Every business has its own language: some companies have created their specific identification, classification and capture system, others use standards that only work within a single industry, sector or country. A true corporate Tower of Babel. 

At GS1, we work to help create a common language to overcome barriers and boundaries, connecting the physical and digital worlds to improve business and industry efficiency as well as to improve consumer experience and patient safety.

The GS1 system of standards offers a global, scalable, user-generated and robust way of identifying products, locations, entities, assets and sharing related information. No matter where in the world the company and its partners operate, the GS1 standards are truly global. Whether a small firm or a large corporation, whether one single product or hundreds, the GS1 system of standards is perfectly suited to the various needs, as it is scalable and adapts to any situation.

Simply by helping to manage data more effectively, the GS1 system helps transform and simplify complex supply chains, improves business efficiency and even helps save lives.

GS1 in Europe is GS1’s regional platform and includes 49 countries in the Region. Our role is to connect businesses with the various national offices, but also to provide a platform for collaboration, best practice sharing and cross-border partnerships to make GS1 standards accessible and easy to use for all businesses throughout the region and around the world.

Word of the Chair

“At GS1 in Europe, we foster the implementation of harmonised standards across the 49 countries that we represent, in a time of growing challenges, but also of opportunities for businesses to flourish.

In the three-year period (2024-26), our strategic priorities are clearly defined: we aim to boost the circular economy by encouraging the widespread use of our GS1 standards; we will focus on sectors such as agriculture and construction, with a series of tailored strategies to better support the industry; and we will persist in our commitment to leverage the digital transformation by ensuring reliable and trusted data.

Count on GS1 in Europe as your trusted partner toward a more resilient, transparent, and efficient future!”

Jan Somers, Chair of GS1 in Europe

Our Governance

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation governed by the 49 countries that compose the GS1 in Europe platform. Learn more about our Board of Directors and Leadership Team below.

Board Members

The Board of Directors is constituted by the Executive Directors of the 49 national GS1 organisations. They drive GS1 in Europe.

Regional Executive Committee

The Regional Executive Committee (or REC) is the tactical and operational branch of the organisation. It strives to drive and stir the company with passion and excellence.


The GS1 in Europe office is the driving force of the organisation. Project coordination, public policy, marketing and communication are some of the tasks the team undertakes daily.


GS1 is a neutral, global collaboration platform that brings together industry leaders, governments, regulators, academia and associations to develop standards-based solutions 

to address the challenges of data exchange. Our scale and reach helps ensure there is a common business language across the globe.

GS1 in Europe is working collaboratively to drive the adoption of GS1 standards and services by governments, authorities, intergovernmental organisations, industry, trade associations and non-governmental organizations.