Regulations and Trends

Regulations and -trends aim to monitor the European regulations that might have an impact on our customers’ businesses. GS1 in Europe also cooperates with European trade associations to ensure that our respective activities are complementary.

EU Circular Economy

The circular economy is a new business and economic model, being embraced by the EU.

EU Data Economy

As part of the Digital Single Market strategy, the EU intends to nourish a data-driven economy where innovation becomes an increasingly significant factor. The EU innovation agenda aims to accelerate the development and scaling up of innovation across through a set of clear actions.


GS1 in Europe welcomes the Sustainable Product Regulation proposal adopted on 30 March 2022 by the European Commission. This is released under the framework of the EU Green Deal setting the objective of becoming the first climate-neutral region by 2050. 

Sustainable Consumer Goods

Consumers goods are today at the centre of policy discussions under many perspectives.


The EU General Food Law Regulation is the foundation of food and feed requirements. It sets out a framework for the development of food and feed legislation both at Union and national levels. To this end, it lays down general principles, requirements and procedures that underpin decision-making in matters of food and feed safety.