Tools and Services

The GS1 standards are a path towards the digitalisation of the economy, the simplification of commercial exchanges and the efficiency of supply chains.

To implement these standards, several tools and services are available to make life easier for companies on this journey. Some solutions are global, others are local and are the responsibility of the GS1 Member Organisations at national level. 

In any case, GS1 in Europe supports all members by developing and supporting global services and solutions. In recent years, we have taken this commitment even further and created our own GS1 in Europe tools.

GS1 in Europe Solutions

Developed by GS1 in Europe, these are a few tools that can be used by all GS1 Member Organisations

GS1 Registries

The GS1 Registry Platform is the central archive that contains the GS1 keys, such as licences, GTINs and GLNs.

Data excellence

Sharing information with consumers has become vital. GS1 standards allow the various stakeholders to exchange data from business to business and to consumer, in a reliable and secure way.