Tools and Services

In order to implement GS1 standards there are several tools and services available. Sometimes these are local and the responsibility of the local GS1 member organisations.

GS1 in Europe however tries to support its member organisations and with that their members in developing and supporting regional and or global services and solutions. The last years, even some tools are being built by GS1 in Europe.

GS1 in Europe Solutions

GS1 in Europe offers solutions that can be implemented by the GS1 Member Organisations.

GS1 Registries

The GS1 Registry Platform (GRP) is the central thin registry that contains the GS1 keys, such as licences, GTINs and GLNs.

Data excellence

Sharing information with consumers has become vital. European users and regulators expect a harmonised approach. GS1 standards allow the various stakeholders to exchange business-to-business but also business-to-consumer data in a reliable and secured way.