GS1 in Europe Regional Forum 2023 Athens, Greece

23-26 October 2023

EU Digital Product Passport Revealed

Time to act!

GS1 Picture It!

A business-to-business application for brand owners

Impact of international, open standards on circularity in Europe

Leveraging the power of data to support circular supply chains

Welcome to GS1 in Europe

Today, commerce in Europe is everyone’s business. Small, local companies as well as big multinationals all need to speak a common language with their suppliers, partners, and customers. GS1 in Europe covers 49 countries and provides a platform where national and pan-European companies can cooperate and share best practices. Harmonisation of standards on the European level and compliance with EU regulations are key to the success of your business? That’s exactly what GS1 in Europe is about!

We represent more than 500.000 companies in Europe. We bring these companies around the table and foster collaboration in order to establish common rules and common standards. We strive to empower businesses to improve their efficiency, safety, security and sustainability.

Regulations and Trends

GS1 in Europe builds relationships with the European Commission and other relevant European institutions, in close collaboration with European industry associations to deliver first-hand and up-to-date information relevant to your business.

Sectors and Industries

GS1 standards improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in many sectors and Industries.

Tools and Services

Access here all the tools and services at your disposal to put the GS1 Standards in action.


The new EU sustainability textile strategy

17 Mar 2023
This is a GS1 complete guide that will help to clarify all the doubts of companies, manufacturers, brands, and associations, regarding the adaptation to the new European regulation.

GS1 in Europe joins CIRPASS

26 Nov 2022
GS1 in Europe joins CIRPASS to lay the ground for the deployment of European Digital Passport Products

Impact of international, open standards on circularity in Europe

17 Apr 2022
Leveraging the power of data to support circular supply chains


GS1 in Europe Regional Forum 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

17 Oct - 20 Oct 2022
This year the Regional Forum took place in a hybrid format, in Amsterdam, hosted by GS1 Netherlands, and virtual elements for online attendees.

GS1 Agriculture: Improving Agricultural supply chains connectivity

30 May 2022
From 30 May to 1 June GS1 Netherlands, together with the Fresh Upstream Foundation, organisesed a strategic meet up 'Improving EU's Agricultural supply chain connectivity - From farm to fork and beyond' in cooperation with the Fresh Upstream Foundation at Agri & Food Plaza in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

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