B2B2C is a technical working group gathering around 50 members, of which a core group of 15 representatives is working on assigned subjects. The most visible result of the group’s work are the Global Data Synchronisation Network implementation guidelines, which are published on this landing page below. These guidelines most often address aspects of GDSN implementation of European regulations and directives that have an impact on the exchange of core data in sectors where GDSN is actively used by the industry.

The group’s work also extends to other strands, for example, the development and maintenance of harmonised European code lists for various attributes, called Local Code Lists. These are available for download, under the “European Union” section.

The group also provides internal recommendations directly to GS1 Member Organisations, which are then communicated and implemented through local working groups if necessary. 

Lastly, the group supports global GDSN standards development work in GMD SMG – the GS1 Global Master Data Standards Maintenance Group – with answers to all questions related to GDSN implementation in Europe.

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1169 Guideline – version 2.7
How to exchange mandatory information required by the EU Regulation 1169/2011 in GDSN. This guideline is based on GDSN Release 3.1.25.
Petfood Guideline – version 1.7
How to exchange mandatory information required by the EU Regulation 767/2009 in GDSN
GDSN Implementation Guideline for Additional Label Information