Tools and Services

GS1 Registries

The GS1 Registry Platform (GRP) is the backend system that stores some o the most relevant GS1 keys, such as GTIN, but also GLN and licenses.

The GRP is under continuous development and is fed by the local GS1 member organisations systems where the GS1 members can upload their identifiers. This can be licenses, GTINs or GLNs. The local solutions are called Activate solutions.

GS1 in Europe supports the MOs  on topics that are related to the GTIN Registry and on technical matters where possible. It joins international working groups on the GS1 Registry Platform.

For access to GTIN Registries, please connect with the GS1 Member Organisations directly.

Verified by GS1

This is the first service of the GS1 Registry Platform. With it, licenses and products can be queried.