Agriculture Upstream

Agriculture is the upstream part of the end-to-end food supply chain, and it needs to be fully connected and integrated into the downstream part of that same food supply chain. 

Only through this integration will it be possible to develop truly effective, trusted, wide scale-open and interoperable future solutions, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will focus on themes where upstream data needs to be shared with downstream such as:

  • farm-to-fork traceability (the green deal),
  • corporate social responsibility,
  • sustainable agricultural production,
  • food safety and ethical certifications,
  • carbon footprint controls,
  • deforestation monitoring,
  • fulfilling consumer trust of food products authenticity and provenance,
  • improving frictionless trade,
  • enabling circular supply chains and controlling food waste,
  • controlling animal welfare,
  • supporting local and direct sourcing,
  • enabling improved food recall systems,
  • supporting interoperable farming innovations in robotics,
  • technology,
  • Internet of Things (IoT). 

The ambition of this project is to contribute to these SDGs by enabling efficient and effective supply chains, both in Europe and abroad.