Fruit and Vegetables

The sector has made a clear decision to adopt the GS1 System to improve supply chain efficiency. As the Fruit and Vegetables industry faces its own complexities and specific requirements, GS1 in Europe created a common European framework together with business specialists from suppliers, retailers and associations, such as Frug I Com.

This expert group addresses all aspects of the Global GS1 system in order to apply it to the needs of the Fruit and Vegetables industry. Additionally, since in Europe the same legislation applies in a large number of countries, the legislation needs to be taken into account when developing a solution.

This framework consists of specific guidelines and implementation material for the industry and its stakeholders: growers, packers, traders, retailers and food service providers in Europe, as well as for their international trading partners. The overall aim is to support efficient supply chain processes and ensure food safety.

The working group is currently focusing on topics such as:

  • GTIN Allocation
  • Barcodes & Labelling (including 2D Implementation)
  • Master Data/GDSN
  • Processes & EDI
  • Traceability & Transparency

Every GS1 Member Organisation or Fruit and Vegetables company is welcome to join the group, to enhance this framework and share experiences with business partners.

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