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GS1 in Europe Alcoholic Beverages Data Model for the implementation guide
Consumer Interaction with GS1 Digital Link
W3C and GS1 A standards-based knowledge system for the circular economy
Unleashing the power of GS1 Digital Link in the Alcoholic Beverages Industry – presentation
Supply Chain Management for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Integrated Guideline Part 4a – Labelling of Consumer Units (v 1.2)
It is usual business for the global fruit and vegetable sector to provide fresh products every day. Increasingly there is an expectation within the industry to utilize common, global standards for product identification and marking combined with automated electronic data processing.
Recommendations for EU Regulation 2018/574 implementation while minimising retail supply chain disruption
EU Implementing Regulation 2018/574 establishes a track and trace and data sharing system for tobacco products, in order to fight the illicit trade. The first implementation deadline was the 20th of May 2019 for cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco.
Circular Data for a Circular Economy
Circular Data for a Circular Economy
Supply Chain Management for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables_Integrated Guideline Part 5_Master Data Attribute Implementation_Section A
Fifth part of the integrated guideline for the supply chain management with fruits and vegetables, focusing on master data attribute implementation, providing a guideline.
Total Results: 42