FoodDataQuest launched to foster sustainable food systems through data-driven innovations

FoodDataQuest has officially been kicked off – a ground-breaking initiative aimed at overcoming the challenges of the food industry through innovative data-driven strategies.

This platform brings together a consortium of 15 institutions from 8 countries that share the same vision of a more just, healthy and environmentally responsible food system.

To fulfil these ambitions, solutions will be implemented that include more and better data, new data sources, unconventional actors, and improved data sharing, which will help stakeholders in the EU food chain to promote the transition to sustainable and healthy diets.

This is exactly where GS1 standards will play a key role. GS1 in Europe is part of this platform and will provide expertise and best practices, acting as an important partner in the farm-to-fork ecosystem.

FoodDataQuest’s ambitious goal is to inspire and provide the tools for an effective global movement towards innovations – driven by Artificial Intelligence and data-driven Machine Learning algorithms – that will boost sustainable food systems. To achieve this, there will be four pioneering case studies:

  • DNA-data driven AI system for Food Sustainability and Traceability (for the olive oil sector)
  • Reimagining Food Services in Healthcare (aimed at reducing food waste in healthcare institutions)
  • F2F Food Sustainability Insights (using data to promote food quality and healthy diets)
  • Enhancing Consumer Awareness of Eco-Friendly Choices (providing consumers with personalised ecological choices)

FoodDataQuest is already fully operational and pledges to share its findings and developments in order to involve the community and industry players in the transformation of the food ecosystem. More information about this project is on the official FoodDataQuest website.