GS1 in Europe leadership mandate for 2024-2026 and top priorities for 2024

Exciting news as GS1 in Europe kicks off 2024 with renewed energy and commitment! Thrilled to announce our new leadership for the 2024-2026 mandate: Jan Somers, CEO of GS1 Belgilux, as Chair, with Elif Müftüoglu, CEO of GS1 Türkiye, and Gregor Herzog, CEO of GS1 Austria, as Vice-Chairs.

Click here to see the full GS1 in Europe’s tactical and operational body, which is called the Regional Executive Committee

Below you can read our strategic focus for the forthcoming year at GS1 in Europe.

We are taking on a strategic role to ensure GS1 standards are at the core of circularity. Let’s make our standards the DNA for a sustainable future!

In sectors like construction and agriculture, we’re gearing up to enhance traceability and transparency. Tailored strategies will address the unique needs and challenges of these crucial industries.

No circular economy without trusted data. GS1 in Europe aims to be the facilitator of the seamless exchange of high-quality data