GS1 in Europe and CIRPASS – Paving the Way for the DPP

Committed to the transition to a circular and digital economy, GS1 in Europe has joined CIRPASS, an international consortium that is laying the foundations for the implementation of a standards-based Digital Product Passport.

CIRPASS stands for Collaborative Initiative for a Standards-based Digital Product Passport for Stakeholder-Specific Sharing of Product Data for a Circular Economy, and it is a consortium funded by the European Commission, under the Digital Europe Programme.  Composed of 31 partners, representing thousands of industrial, research, digital, and international standards organisations across Europe and beyond, CIRPASS aims to create a clear, unambiguous, cross-sectoral definition and description of the DPP.

Designing a paradigm shift for the economy of an entire continent is an impressive task, but the work is underway and involves numerous stakeholders in various sectors, so that no question is left unanswered.

Before proceeding with the practicalities, there are countless doubts that arise and so CIRPASS is promoting a series of clarification sessions, involving industry stakeholders and European authorities.

It recently held a Q&A session in Brussels, organised a workshop on the battery passport, visited recycling and battery dismantling plants, and also started a pilot action: CIRPASS-2, to test the deployment of the multiple strands of the DPP, mainly with SMEs.

The importance of a standards-based system is a key focus for GS1 in Europe and we are collaborating with CIRPASS to help create a common platform for data exchange.

To find out more about CIRPASS’ activity and mission, visit their website.