All Aboard! GS1 Circularity and Digital Product Passport – Mission-Specific Working Group is about to start

The clock is ticking and we need to get ready for the Digital Product Passport. GS1 in Europe is connecting with industry to start settling the ground for the big changes that are coming.

GS1 members expect GS1 standards to support their industry’s circular economy needs, with focus on how to identify products and its components, both upstream (for example raw materials) and downstream (second life of products as an example) and how to exchange data on these products, not only with a focus on static masterdata, but also the data that changes throughout the lifecycle of the product.

A lot of preparation work has already been done in the (GS1 internal) Digital Product Passport (DPP) Programme. But as circularity and the DPP will have a global scope, a GS1 Circularity Digital Product Passport Mission-Specific Working Group (MSWG) will now be launched.

Involving a wide range of participants – from manufacturers to retailers, from regulatory authorities to GS1 Member Organisations – the overall aim of the group is to set the foundation for the GS1 system to support industry’s identification and data sharing needs related to Circularity.

The working group will develop an AIDC Application Standard and enhance GS1’s data sharing standards, specifically master data and visibility (EPCIS) data standards. Also, sector specific guidelines will be created, based on a common or generic framework for a guideline covering all aspects of the GS1 system.

For more information on the MSGW, please see the attached call to action, which contains additional information, amongst others, on the business challenge, the benefits for industry, why the work is needed and the working group’s objectives. It also gives information on the Global Standardisation Management Process (of which an MSWG is part). 

If you have more questions on the DPP, the MSWG and what you can do, please connect with your local GS1 Member organisation. They will be able and happy to help you further.

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