Why get involved?

By joining the ECHO initiative, the parties involved benefit directly from global harmonisation and are part of an international network committed to leading data exchange in the Healthcare market.

What does ECHO do?

  • Promotes the use of readily available data
  • Encourages mutual understanding
  • Advises starting small and growing together
  • Covers multiple use cases in Healthcare including regulatory requirements
  • Utilises the GS1 network, knowledge and support to bring parties together

Incorporating ECHO by healthcare stakeholders:

  • Reduces implementation lead times from 9 months to a couple of weeks (see source here)
  • Focuses on quality, not quantity
  • Reduces efforts required
  • Unites team members across the world
  • Supports in unifying local and global strategies
  • Improves project outcomes

Collaboration is important to meet everyone’s needs, to improve healthcare and to optimise and simplify processes. The more people who join, the better, as it will facilitate the widespread use of the GDSN standard and efficiency in healthcare.

Want to join the ECHO Team? Please fill out the form below!

Dedicated international team

The ECHO user group is a dedicated team composed of GS1 healthcare project managers, data providers and recipients, who are committed to getting their markets, local working groups and stakeholders to embrace the ECHO initiative.

The team’s strategy is to gather data requirements, by country, within local working groups or from requests submitted through the form below. These requirements are harmonised within the ECHO team with the aim of maximum benefit per year. The data model is updated once a year and all parties are encouraged to incorporate and strategically prepare for the updated ECHO model.

How to become a stakeholder

We encourage you to embrace ECHO as part of your local and global strategies regarding data discussions and GDSN implementations.
In order to combine our efforts:

  • Integrate the ECHO program internally
  • Involve your customers and your local affiliates
  • Get in touch with ECHO member organisations to learn more
  • Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest information on ECHO

Incorporate ECHO into your business and unite with the healthcare market!