50 years of transforming tomorrow

50 years ago, the GS1 barcode was created to transform shopping in supermarkets and empower more reliable and resilient supply chains

Industry leaders came together to transform the way we shop and created the barcode. From that point forward, a simple scan at checkout connected a physical product to its digital identity—and information that could be shared in stores and throughout the supply chain. Since then, GS1 standards have powered more reliable and transparent supply chains across industries.

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Sectors and Industries using GS1 system

Digital transformation, powered by GS1, will unlock limitless possibilities for businesses, people and society

Our future has never looked brighter. New multipurpose 2D barcodes powered by GS1 standards are transforming a simple scan, opening a gateway of in-depth product information. Whether on an in-store scanner or a mobile phone, they will create new opportunities to improve business operations, consumer experiences, patient safety and sustainability initiatives.

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2D barcodes in retail

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Generations of Progress, 50th Anniversary of GS1 Barcodes